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Retail and Manicure Therapy :)


Okay, not that I am in a state of depression or transition, It’s just that it has been my short-lived habit of lightening and improving  my mood that I go on a retail and manicure therapy. It’s something that I usually do to lessen a stressful day. Treating yourself to something nice at the shops or doing something nice for yourself once in a while apparently makes you happier and leaves bad moods.

I went first at Nail Bar, University Mall to have a manicure and here’s a picture of the nail polish I’ve chosen. I chose this light pink nail polish from Orly to match my IPhone case which is a gift from my sister hehe It’s my first time to use this after a year of just stacking it on my pile of phone cases 🙂

After having my nails pampered, I went straight to Bedazzle Accessories Shop. Here’s what i bought. Two tassel earrings in black and pink and a gold/yellow necklace. The tassel earrings each cost me 80 pesos which is equivalent to 1.91 USD while the necklace cost me 180 which is equivalent to 4.30 USD 🙂

I will post pictures wearing these items that I bought maybe next week so what do you guys think? Feel free to give your comments guys! 🙂