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Hi guys! I’m new here at wordpress.com and new at blogging also. I’m kinda having a problem on putting the codes for my outfit post at lookbook.nu and at chictopia.com. I don’t know how to put the badge here at my blog. Would you mind helping me out for those who know how? PLEASE? I would really, really appreciate it if you will help me. 😐 :)) I’m really having a hard time because I’m not that techie and all. HELP ME PLEASE? THANK YOU IN ADVANCE! 🙂

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xo, Syl


To school I go


Hi guys! Here’s a quick outfit post of what i wore yesterday at school. We Benildeans don’t really have uniforms so we can wear anything except for short shorts, flip-flops, torn pants, or revealing clothing. But for CDA or AB-Consular and Diplomatic Affairs student like me, we have Monday to Wednesday schedule for corporate attires or smart casual because we have professors that are Ambassadors which obviously requires a formal look. While Thursday to Saturday is our dress down days.

Here are some shots of my outfit last night 🙂 By the way, my classes always starts from 6-9pm because most of our Professors/Ambassadors are not really a morning kind of person. (Hehehe) 🙂

TOP/ Sweetdreams

SKIRT/ Forever21

BRACELETS/ DIY-ed, WATCH/Alba, RING/ Singapore Brand

BAG/ Singapore Brand, SHOES/ Charlotte Russe

As for my outfit, i chose something that will match with my DIY-ed Stackable ArmCandy Bracelets since I noted in my last post that I’ll be posting an outfit wearing my Stackable ArmCandy Bracelets, so there you go! 🙂 What do you think of my outfit? Feel free to give your comments!

And if any of you guys have an account at lookbook.nu and chictopia.com, mind if you hype and follow me as well? THANK YOU!